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wddt staff 1970s

WDDT Staff 1970's

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History: The call letters WDDT were used first on AM 900 in
Greenville, Mississippi from 1956 - 2004. The name is still in use today 

The Brand DDT are service marks and trademarks for media and broadcasting dating back almost 100 years and use is strictly prohibited  by law without written permission

Greenville, Mississippi USA Online

The Old And First AM 900 WDDT Tower

Listen To Old Airchecks of Stations Like WDDT.

For local news and weather in Greenville, Miss. please visit the Delta Democrat Times Online News Paper.

Mississippi Delta Blues Museum

This site is in memory of the late Mrs. Lucille P. Wilson and James P. Karr former managers for radio station WDDT.
And the late Jay Cook and son John Cook former on air and program directors.



Copyright 1956 - 2023 WDDT Radio(tm) WDDTRadio.Com  / WDDT.Net / WDDT.Com / WDDT.FM

Founded by Mr. John T. Gibson of Greenville,  Mississippi.























The Big Boss. The Legendary Dan Diamond.

Former Operations Director, Program Director And Music Director For WDDT. 

Long Time Morning Show Host. Contact DanDiamond@WDDT.Com

For information about wddt radio contact wddt@wddt.com

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The Rock 90 WDDT Days

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Top left-Lucille P. Wilson, Buttom-Charlie Ross, John Cook and Johnny Ross, 

Happy Holidays, 1980 from Country 900 WDDT

More to come soon from the Original WDDT Radio

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Dade Moore 1982 WDDT AM 900 Greenville

Dade Moore Today

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Frank Childs 1982 WDDT AM 900 Greenville

Frank Childs


Charlie%20Ross%20WDDT.jpg (85601 bytes)

Charlie Ross now on WYMX

Johnny%20Ross%20WDDT.jpg (62367 bytes)

Johnny Ross

Control room board is located in a museum in Greenville, Miss.























This Is The WDDT Board And On Top Of It The WJPR Board 1310 AM And 1330 AM

Rob Grayson WDDT.












Tom Collins WDDT.








Charlie "The Tuna" Stone

'67-'69 WDDT.










Ron Lundy

Ron Lundy, 1963. He was one of Top 40 radio's most joyful presences, and it wasn't an act. Ron Lundy loved being on the air and it showed. He began every show with a boisterous declaration of "Hello Luv!" and the good feelings just spread from there. Like many a jock, Lundy got his start in his hometown. Born in Memphis on June 25, 1934, Fred Ronald Lundy did his first on-air shift at Memphis station WHHM when the regular deejay didn't show. Before long, Lundy had a full-time shift at WDDT in Greenville, Mississippi, and from there he went to WLCS in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.











Andy Roberts


















Marc Sommers, WDDT 1973                                                                    Ernie Phillips,  '62-'63 WDDT.




Larry Dee, '65-'67 WDDT .



















Tommy Gibson, Dan Diamond and Rob Noisworthy                          Larry Dee,1966, Ann Gibson

                                      WDDT                                                                                WDDT


WDDT Hit Parade
















                           Dan Diamond WDDT Hit Parade




                                                                                                                        WDDT Hit Parade


Over The Years

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1980 Logo

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1984 Logo.

The Charlie Ross, Johnny Ross, Dade Moore and Jackie Rand days.

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Christmas 1982, Steve Wilson, Lucille Wilson, Frank Childs, Johnny Ross, Kim , Dade Moore, John Cook.

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WDDT On Broadway Street 1981. John T. Gibson Owner

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WDDT 1973

Jimmy Karr, Dan Diamond,Wayne Bennette, Casey Cole, JK Ward, Rob Grayson

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